Friday, November 9, 2007

BRAHA Annual Banquet a Screaming Success!

WOW, that is all I can say after coming home from the BRAHA annual banquet, wow. Rick, Rachel and I were a bit hesitant about going; ok we hemmed and hawed over the 95-mile one-way drive. We have so much fun, and we have attended for years, so we guilted ourselves into going. Are we glad we did! We had absolutely no idea how our night would become one of the most memorable one we have ever had. The evening started off with a scrumptious dinner of soup, salad, crab cakes “the best in Maryland” and a divine cake for the finish. Of course you could have chosen Chicken Cordon Blue, or steak, but we always get the crab cakes. My lips are smacking just thinking about it! Our usual cronies, Andrea and Dan, Debra and Matt, and Debbie L. surrounded us and we even got to hang out with Holly and her friends, the ladies who bought EF Arion. It was a very nice group of people.

After dinner we moved on to the outgoing President’s speech and her awards. Debra is one of the most dynamic people I have ever met. She is someone I admire and look up to and someone who I look to whenever I have breeding questions or need a question answered. She ALWAYS has the answers. Well she was going through her plethora of awards and the last one was the Walter Farley Award for the most distinguished youth. Here is her speech:
“As I stand on the rail and wander around show grounds there was one individual BRAHA youth that kept standing out. I have watched this young lady grow from a kid learning to ride to a poised, confident horseperson. Handling many situations, becoming a leader, and becoming an accomplished equestrian. She graduated this past year from her pony mounts to her very own Arabian mare. She and her mare have been quite successful in the ring, but it is really her accomplishments outside the ring that impress me the most. I am very proud of this young lady and happy to honor her tonight with the Walter Farley Award for most outstand youth. Congratulations, Rachel Dors.”
As Debra was reading her speech she would go a sentence or two and get so chocked up she’d have to stop. I was thinking to myself, wow she feels so much pride that whoever this is, she just loves them. When I herd Rach’s name it was an unbelievably proud moment. Well, as you can probably tell I was so overwhelmed myself with emotion I cried too. I was so thankful for so many things at that one moment. Thankful for the true friends that were around me, thankful for a very understanding husband (about the horses, that is) and so very thankful for a child that is so very special to everyone around her, not just her family. She got this beautiful little award to have as a keepsake and her name goes on the perpetual plaque, which she gets to keep for a year and then it will go to the new receiver.

The night went on with our babies winning lots of Futurity stuff. Our farm really cleaned up this year. Here is a picture of the two boxes of awards and prizes we brought home that night:

Rach counted, we brought home 26 awards and our “barn brats” brought home an additional 6 awards. Not only did Rachel get the outstanding youth award, but she also got the “Equine Stanley Cup” as we affectionately call it, it is the BRAHA Annual Perpetual Trophy in Memory of MTA Annie’s Jett Frost, donated by Ann and Fred Mack for the Youth High Point Hunter Champion. To go along with that she received two high point awards; one for the ½ Arab Hunter Pleasure division with Blossom, and one for Youth 13 and under. The statues are glass Arabians, signed and numbered and in a limited edition. One is gray and one is chestnut, you had a choice when you received your award, the first one Rachel picked was gray as her mare is gray and for the next one she chose the chestnut and told me it was just in case I didn’t get one of my own I could have hers!! It was the first time ever I wanted something chestnut! For me the icing on the cake was when High Point Stallion of the year for the Maryland Futurity was announced. KKoi was the winner. Sherry Crow, the awards presenter, explained that it was not based on how many babies were representing him or if they won their classes, it was based on points accumulated by how many other babies they had beaten. How exciting, I already was dancing on the clouds and then that announcement! Our little farm. What an evening, what an evening, all I can say is wow!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Visitors to the Farm

Occasionally we get calls from people interested in "seeing" the Arabian breed up close and personal. We are members of the Mentor program and the Discovery Farm program through the Arabian Horse Association. A few days ago a woman who had never owned a horse but has taken lessons off and on for 20 years had started thinking about purchasing her own horse. She was intrigued by Arabians as they were so beautiful and so personable, so she heard. She has also heard that they were hot and difficult to manage and train. She called, almost apologetically, asking if she could come out and "meet" our horses.
After a several hour drive from parts unknown, Rhonda arrived at the farm. She was so excited to meet the horses and just watch me work and be around them. It was feeding time, so it was a bit chaotic at the gate! I told her that after the dust settled we would go in and play with the horses and get to know them a bit. I told her it was going to be up to her to tell me who is the Arab and who isn't! She was very excited and up to the challenge. We went through horse by horse and in true form my Arabs were having an "in your tent" day. Beauty was first up and last at the gate and as usual a constant! She followed us everywhere and helped to introduce Rhonda to everyone and decide who Rhonda was allowed to pet and who she wasn't. It was actually quite comical.
Rhonda asked about the foals and the stallion. She had seen the website and wanted to see KKoi. She said it like he was a movie star and untouchable. Well, that is what she had expected, for him to be untouchable. He is turned out with 6 babies and his “wife” Patience. Once again, in true Arabian form we were very shortly surrounded by foals of all colors and sizes. Rhonda commented that while her knowledge of foals was somewhat limited, she never dreamed she would have all of them vying for her affections and that each and every one of them would have such a distinct personality. KKoi, of course was like one of the foals, asking to be petted here and scratched there. After an hour or so of loving on each and every one of the foals and scratching every itch KKoi may have the sun was going down and it was time for Rhonda to end her visit to our farm and begin her long journey home.

I believe that for Rhonda, like so many others we have seen here “meeting” our horses, they leave with a whole different appreciation of horses in general and Arabians specifically. Below is her note that she sent to thank us for her visit. I touched me and I asked if I could share it so here it is:


Thank you so much for your time and advise about Arabians. You truly have an excellent insight into the breed and the important aspects of their character that should be passed on. I am thoroughly impressed with both you and your horses. They are intelligent, friendly, kind-hearted, and beautiful. You are definitely doing the Arabian breed a singular service by passing on KKoi's progeny with such remarkable traits. I do hope that I'll get a chance to come up again and help out around the farm. You run an outstanding operation. I know you will continue to turn the horse world on their heads.
Kudos' Pam,


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back From The Maryland Futurity and the BRAHA Show

What a time we had at the Maryland Futurity and BRAHA fall show. We had three trailers full of horses and a "School of KKoi" attend the event. All of our weanlings were shown to perfection by the various kids from the barn. Our breeding program is centered around two major factors: breeding for correct conformation AND breeding for able-minded, easily manageable, amateur friendly horses. Well guess what? After our results in the classes we entered, our breeding program spoke to us through our placings. Remembering that our babies were shown by kids, we are very proud to report that we had the winner in the Sport Horse In Hand class as well as 3 other places. Then the kids tried their hands at Halter Handling which is basically a trail class in hand where the horses are led over, under, through and around various obstacles at the walk and/or trot. Well, we took 5 of the top places in that class as well. Not to mention the Champion Futurity Halter Handling ribbon as well as the Reserve Champion Futurity Halter Handling ribbon. What a proud day it was for papa KKoi. As I stated earlier, it was mentioned that there was a "School of KKoi" coming!

After running around all morning with a group of weanlings the girls were tired but all geared up to do some riding. With a collection of 23 ribbons under their belts from the morning session they were anxious to see what else they could accomplish. After being near the first to arrive and certainly the last to leave, the girls managed to pull in an additional 18 ribbons on their own horses. Way to go girls!! While it was a very tiring day, the times of camaraderie, showing their favorite foals and winning trunk fulls of ribbons will surly not be forgotten anytime soon. Thanks Girls for a great day!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Last one born

We're very pleased to announce the arrival of Zaheera's baby and our final foal of 2007. After waiting and delaying their departure for the East Coast Championship show for as long as possible, Pam and Debbie finally left on Wednesday morning, without seeing Zaheera foal out. So off they went to the show, the kids went off to play with their own horses, and our dedicated barn mom, Lori, took off to pick up one of her summer charges at camp.

She was quite surprised to get a call from her daughter Megan shortly after she left the farm, announcing that Zaheera had decided to foal, outside, in the middle of the paddock. Lori raced back to the farm as fast as she could, but not before Megan and the other girls helped Zaheera give birth to a tiny, purebred Kkoi baby. Fawn, as I think we're calling her for the moment, is doing just fine, despite her tiny size and should be able to go back out with the rest of the babies soon.

Weaning has already begun, with Harmony, Ben, and Nani being weaned last week. Fortunately, the babies took to it well, and are now living with their Dad, Kkoi, as a babysitter. The mares didn't like weaning so much though, and both Missy and Lacey spent several days worrying over the welfare of their kids.

And finally, East Coast Championships is off to a great start. Pam and EF Kklassique Beauty is now the East Coast Top 5 Junior Sort Horse Under Saddle. Big congrats to Pam and Beauty!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Still waiting...

Zaheera, our last mare to be due, is still pregnant! Although we're sure she'll deliver any day now, we're just dying of anticipation here. She hass lovely old breeding that is hard to find these days, and her foal will be the last Kkoi baby of 2007. So, while we're waiting, we'll share the following poem about Zaheera by Nikki Zuleger...

Zaheera's Soul

If seconds turn into minutes, and minutes into hours
then hours turn into days, then days turn into week's
and week's into months. Months into years.
Imagine what the world would be if everyone
made every second count.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Region 15 Top 5 and Reserve Champion

We’re very pleased to announce that EF KKlassique Beauty was named Region 15 Top 5 and Reserve Champion Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse at Region 15 Championships in Lexington, Virginia. The show was long, hot and tiring, but in the end, the results were worth it. Beauty had qualified in Sport Horse in Hand, Sport Horse Under Saddle and Dressage, and showed well in all three events. But it was in the under saddle class that she really shone.

The class was sizeable and very competitive, with most of the horses having the benefit of a full year over Beauty. The judge clearly saw something special, though, and we all had our hearts in our throats as the Top 5 and finally Reserve Champion was announced. Although Beauty and Pam had shown very well, there were still a few bobbles with the number of horses that were in the ring. The judge clearly loved her though, and we shouted with excitement when her name was announced.

Beauty was one of Kkoi’s first foals and has had all her training, love and attention at Evergreen Farm. Pam selected the stallion, the dam and carefully raised this filly to be the outstanding competitor that she is, and all that work is finally paying off.

Keep your eyes open for Pam and Beauty at their next stop…East Coast Championships!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Summer time is here!

Summer is in full swing here at Evergreen. Pam is off to shows regularly with EF Kklassique Beauty, our dressage show series is chugging along, and we're overrun by barn rats every day! Seriously, we couldn't raise our babies or take care of the other horses on our farm without the help of our dedicated boarders and kids. Everyone is so helpful in handling our current six youngsters and broodmares, that we couldn't be more happy. It really is the early handling that helps make our babies so friendly.

We're also happy to report that after a frightening colic ordeal, Therese Schuler’s filly Zami is back from the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center and is now on the road to recovery. After an emergency surgery and a few touch and go days, this lively filly by Cicera's Icewater looks to make a full recovery and we couldn't be more happy. Her dam Kalinka is taking it all in stride, and coping as best she can, being stuck in a stall with a rambunctious two month old at her side.

We're also happy to report that our two mares for next year are confirmed in foal. Sabiyana, a lovely purebred mare by the imported sire Stuyvesant, gave birth to a lovely, typey colt by Kkoi this spring. She is now confirmed in foal to the warmblood Rosenthal. This stallion is a lovely, large, elegant guy who crosses very well with Arabian mares and we have high hopes for this cross.

The other mare we've bred for a 2008 foal is our Alada Baskin daughter, Baskin Sunrise. Patience is confirmed in foal to the purebred stallion Padrons Hudsonbey, who was successful in reining, western pleasure and dressage. Making this cross even more special is the recent passing of the prolific sire Padron. We're expecting a substantial, but typey foal from this cross. summer rolls along, we're rolling with it. Check back soon for Region 15 results for EF Kklassique Beauty!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Region 16 - Another strong showing at Finger Lakes

Pam and Beauty just returned from another successful show in New York and we all couldn't be more proud of them. Beauty really is proving herself to be a competent, sane, and sensible mare amidst much show craziness. You'd never know she was just four years old.

The competition was fierce, with very deep classes in every division. The plan was to try their hand in the Sport Horse in Hand, Sport Horse Under Saddle, and Hunter Pleasure classes, and they acquitted themselves very well. With hunter pleasure and sport horse classes having more than 20 entries per class, Pam was very happy with not only Beauty's behavior, but also her placing. In a very competitive sport horse under saddle class, she managed to come away with a third place, qualifying her for Region 16 championships. She is also qualified in hand for Region 16, but I think Pam and Beauty will be concentrating their efforts a little closer to home in Region 15.

Look for Beauty in Lexington from July 4-7 as she competes in four divisions - Sport Horse in Hand, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Hunter Pleasure, and Dressage - in the Region 15 Championships!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yet another successful show

This past weekend, we once again ventured forth with friends to an A-rated show, taking with us EF Kklassique Beauty (Beauty) and EF Fiona's Prince K (Prince). Beauty and Prince are from Kkoi's first foal crop and they really get better with every ride. Our goal was simple - qualify both horses for Region 15 Championships and Sport Horse Nationals, and I'm pleased to report that we did just that.

Friday was dominated by both heat and the in-hand classes. Beauty, the more seasoned campaigner of the two, garnered excellent scores in her Sport Horse In Hand classes. Those scores were good enough to win second place and Reserve Champion Sport Horse in Hand in a very competitive field of horses. For Prince, his time would come on Saturday when Heather Richards, a friend of his owner Katie Winters, would show him in dressage.

Our group, consisting of Jess Howard and Arizona's Wildfire, Becky Sine and Plakat, and Heather and Pam, schooled our horses on Friday evening just before a massive lighting storm, and put the horses away for the night, ready to compete in the morning.

Saturday morning dawned, muggy but clear, and we trudged to the barns to make our preparations. After braiding, grooming, and dressing in our finest, we all prepared for our dressage tests. Before dressage, Pam was able to squeeze in a Hunter Pleasure class with Beauty, pulling second place.

Overall, it was a great show for our horses. Prince was a superstar, and pulled all scores over 62, squarely qualifying him to compete in dressage at Sport Horse Nationals. His highest score was a 65.71 in Training Level 2, and we couldn't be more pleased with his progress. He gets better with every show, and we'll be ready to take the world by storm in September. In four classes, Prince won three second place ribbons and won his Training Level 1 - Junior Horse class on Sunday.

Beauty acquitted herself well in the dressage ring, with respectable scores, but really shone in the Hunter Pleasure classes. She received a third place in her Sunday Hunter pleasure class, and then pulled Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse. Her placings were enough to qualify for Region 15 Championships.

Our other friends also did well, with Becky Sine and Plakat garnering some of their best scores ever and two sixth place ribbons. Jess Howard won her First Level 1 class, and received excellent scores in her other tests.

We'll post photos as soon as we can, so stay tuned!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome Spidey!

We're pleased to report the birth of our second purebred Arabian of the year. We're still working on a real name, but are calling him Spidey for the moment, in honor of his long, spider-like legs. He's not what we were expecting from our large-boned Russian-bred mare, but we're thrilled all the same.

Spidey has an incredibly elegant, typey Arabian head with large dark eyes, a teacup muzzle and the tippiest ears we've ever seen. He's nicely put together, with long, long legs and a lovely shoulder. His markings are just as nice, with a little bit of chrome (4 short socks and a star), but not enough to be extravagant.

All in all, we're very pleased with this crossing. We'll be giving Sabi the year off from Kkoi, but plan to breed her to Rosenthal for a 2008 half-Arabian foal. After seeing what she could produce with Kkoi, we're really looking forward to next year.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A moment to breathe...

We finally have a moment to breathe - between births, horse shows, and other farm business - and wanted to present a fuller picture of our farm.

Evergreen Farm is both a boarding and Arabian breeding operation in Berryville, Virginia. We're very fortunate because our boarders are not just customers, they're friends and we have a very close knit family here. In addition to our own children, we have quite the group of kids that enjoy time here with their horses. Foaling season has been a real blast, with no less than four kids present for every birth! Although we hate staying up to watch the foaling camera, the kids revel in staying up all night, or taking turns in the cold barn aisle, waiting for a pregnant mare to give birth. Its been a very fun season with plenty of expectation, excitement and energy as our mares gave birth to beautiful babies.

Horse shows are just as much fun, with our students, boarders and friends bringing their own horses and ours, to their first horse show ever, their first Arabian show, or their first show with a new horse. The camaraderie makes for a good time, whether we have good rides or bad. At our last "A" rated Arabian show in Lexington, we were even able to bring a good friend into the "Arabian world". She enjoyed herself so much, she has even decided to buy one of Kkoi's 2007 foals!

The season is still young and we have a long summer ahead of us. We still have two more foals due - both purebreds - and have several more big shows planned. Our purebred mare Sabi, by the imported sire Stuyvesant, is the next due to foal...any day now! We're expecting her foal this year to be on the bigger side, since both sire and dam are 15.2 hands, and it should have great athleticism. Zaheera, a Zedann daughter, will be our last to foal in July or August. We're expecting her foal to be a stunning, refined, classic Arabian with all the desert fire and personality you'd expect.

In the meantime, we're pointing our riding efforts towards the VAHA Futurity Show in Culpeper on June 8-10. Once again, we'll be bringing EF Kklassique Beauty, EF Fiona's Prince K, and a slew of friends to compete in the ever-growing sporthorse divisions. If you happen to be there, be sure to look for our string of stalls and say hello!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Complete results from BRAHA

We now have complete results from Team Evergreen for the BRAHA (Blue Ridge Arabian Horse Association) Spring Show on April 14, 2007 in Bel Air, MD. Evergreen Farm was well represented by seven horses and nine riders/handlers, and came home with more than 50 ribbons - a very successful outing. For many riders, this was their first show, and the group represented good sportsmanship, good horsemanship, and most of all - FUN!

In addition to the results already posted below (see post from April 22), Megan Santmeyer, Alana, Nikki, Heather and McKenna participated in the full range of classes.

Megan Santmeyer on EC Wayne

  • 2nd Place, Hunter Hack 12" fences
  • 2nd Place, English/Hunter Jr. Rider
  • 4th place, Open Sport Horse in Hand
  • 5th Place, Walk-Trot Barrels
  • 5th Place, Walk, Trot Plug

Alana Nappi on Chloe

  • 2nd Place, Beginner Hunter O/F 18"
  • 3rd Place, Open Sport Horse in Hand
  • 4th Place, Beginner Hunter O/F 18"
  • 4th Place, Walk-Trot Barrels
  • 6th Place, English Pleasure, Go as You Please
  • 6th Place, Open Walk-Trot English/Hunter Jr. Rider

Nikki Zuleger on Bucephalus

  • 2nd Place, Open Sport Horse in Hand (This is especially sweet because Cephie is our 24 year old foundation broodmare!)
  • 4th Place, Halter Handling
  • 4th Place, Walk-Trot, Maiden Horse and/or Rider

Heather Webb on Chloe

  • 1st Place, Hunter Walk Race, 12 and under
  • 2nd Place, English/hunter walk
  • 3rd Place, Hunter Hack O/F 12"
  • 6th Place, Walk-Trot barrels

McKenna Hayes on EF Senor Rojos

  • 1st Place, Hunter Walk Race, 12 under
  • 3rd Place, English/hunter walk

McKenna Hayes on Chloe

  • 4th Place, Walk-Trot plug
  • 5th Place, Walk-Trot barrels

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New babies and fabulous show results

Where to start? It was a big weekend for Evergreen Farm in the show ring and on the farm. On Friday, we headed down to the Virginia Horse Center for the very first all sporthorse Arabian show sponsored by the Virginia Arabian Horse Association. EF Kklassique Beauty and EF Fiona's Prince K took to the show ring in their first "A" rated outing of the season, and they were both superstars.

Beauty and Prince both competed in the Novice and Junior Sport Horse Under Saddle classes on Saturday. The competition was stiff, and with 19 horses in the Novice class, the Coliseum was full. Considering their youth, Beauty and Prince were both very well behaved and acquitted themselves well against much more seasoned horses. In the Junior class, with nine horses, Beauty and Prince really let their talent shine, garnering a third place for Prince and a fifth for Beauty. Heather Richards, one of our boarders who rode Prince for his owner (Katie Winters), was so happy with his behavior and performance, she literally cried.

On Saturday afternoon, it was off with the saddles and into the sport horse in hand ring. Prince and Beauty both showed in large, competitive classes, and Beauty came home with a 4th place in her Purebred Mares 3-5 year old Open class.

Sunday was dressage day. Beauty and Prince both tackled Training 1 and 2 tests, and again, really showed their true potential. Despite some youthful misbehavior (both of them were certain the judge was going to eat them), they both managed to put in one great test. Beauty pulled a 59.357 in Training 2, which while not enough to place in a very large class, thrilled us to pieces. In Training 1, Junior Horse, Prince managed a 59.137, which again thrilled Katie and Heather. It was also good enough for second place out of eleven horses.

Team Evergreen was accompanied by several close friends to the VAHA show. Becky Sine brought her seasoned show horse Plakat for their first ever outing to the Horse Center. They both did incredibly well in their three tests, and are looking forward to their next outing in June.

Jessica Howard brought her half-Arabian half-Mustang, Arizona's Wildfire and really cleaned up. Jess and Wildfire have been very successful on the open dressage circuit, but this was the pair's first Arabian show. Not only did they post a second place in Training 3, a score of 66 in First 1, and a score of over 71 in Training 4, they took home the neck garland for high score of the day in Training Level out of more than 70 rides!

All in all, it was a super weekend for Team Evergreen and friends and a great way to start the show season.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Evergreen's 2007 foal crop added another baby. Cappricio (affectionately known as Eve) gave birth to a lovely half-Arabian foal by Kkoi. Eve is an Oldenburg mare by Contucci out of a Riverman mare, so we have quite high hopes for this cross. The filly is quite a splashy chestnut with a big blaze and four white socks, with lovely conformation. Both mom and baby are doing well and settling into their new lives on the farm.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

At long last...introducing EF KKoi's Braveheart

The stork has finally arrived for Missy. At 4:41 am on April 19 Missy gave us a stunning colt. Ben, as we're calling him, is by far the most unusually colored foals we've had to date. We've known for a while that Kkoi carries the sabino gene, but this is definitely the most apparent its been in his foals. Ben is a bay, but in addition to the ordinary black mane hairs, his mane is also partly red. And his tail, rather than being solidly black, has white hairs on the sides and underside. Although many foals are born with light tails that change color over time, he actually has pink skin in these white areas, leading us to believe that he'll keep his unusual tail color into maturity. He also has three tall stockings that extend above his hocks and knees and several other white patches throughout his body.

As for his conformation (truly the most important thing!), we couldn't have hoped for better. Missy is a wonderful pony, but needed height and refinement - both of which we got in this little colt. He's huge, already 2/3 the height of his dam, and while he clearly has the look of mom, Kkoi added the much needed refinement. His personality is terrific, and he is already the darling of the farm.
Team Evergreen Update
In other news, Team Evergreen had their first outing of the season, heading to the BRAHA Spring Show in Bel Air, MD. The farm sent 8 horses and at least twice that in people to the show, and managed to come home with more than 50 ribbons. We'll update this blog as the full results come in, but for starters, here's the tally:
Rachel Dors with Apple Blossom
  • 1st Place, Halter Handling
  • 1st Place, Western Walk-Trot
  • 2nd Place, Western Jr. Rider
  • 3rd Place, Intermediate O/F
  • 3rd Place, Intermediate O/F
  • 4th Place, Partbred Sporthorse
  • 4th Place, Intermediate Walk-Trot

Taylor Torrance with Snickerdoodle

  • 4th Place, Beginner Hunter U/S
  • 4th Place, Walk/Trot Hunter Hack 12" fences
  • 5th Place, Open Walk/Trot Junior Rider
  • 1st Place, Open Walk Race

Debbie Torrance (in her first show in almost 30 years!) with Grace

  • 3rd Place, Walk/Trot Maiden Horse
  • 3rd Place, Walk/Trot Maiden Rider
  • 5th Place, Walk/Trot Green Horse and Rider
As I said, we'll post more results as they come in, but congrats to all the members of Team Evergreen on a great job. For many of the kids that went to the show, this was their first big show experience, and the team really banded together, pitched in, and showed some great sportsmanship and Evergreen spirit.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still waiting!

After the arrivals of Nani and Princess, we have had a long drought with no foals in sight. Our wonderful pony mare, Missy, grows bigger and more unhappy looking by the day. The poor mare is now more than a week overdue, and boy does she look it! She has definitely developed the "mare stare" that says "Please take this thing out of me!" All indications are that Missy will give birth sometime this week, so check back soon for an update.

Nani and Princess continue to grow and keep getting better looking by the day. Nani is very solidly built, displaying her QH and warmblood roots proudly, but she has the personality and curiosity of every Arabian foal born here at Evergreen. Never a shy one, she'll always be there at the gate, ready to play with any passerby. Princess is a bit more reserved, but friendly and curious once she gets to know you. She still has amazingly long legs and the finest head we've seen. Her big, lofty gaits are breathtaking to watch.

And finally, we'll soon have results from the first Team Evergreen event of the year. Pam, Debbie Torrance and Lori Santmeyer took a gaggle of girls and half the horses on the farm to the BRAHA Spring Show where early reports are that the group garnered over 50 ribbons in one day. Check back soon for the full details!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Photos of the new little ones!

I'm very pleased to be able to post photos of the newest little ones here at Evergreen Farm. Both newborns are doing well. It was a little too chilly to put the babies out to play today, so they amused themselves by frolicking around the foaling stalls.

Nani (EF Epona's Shenanigans) is a lovely bay filly with just a little snip on her nose. Lacey has been a great mom, and we are looking forward to breeding her again in the near future. She'll probably take a year off from motherhood, get going under saddle, and then be bred back to KKoi for a 2009 foal.

EF She's Alada Baskin Kkoi (Princess), Patience's lovely filly, is very flashy with four high whites and a big blaze and we expect her to be a star in the halter ring. Her type-y ears, tiny muzzle, and extraordinary long legs will really stand out.

Our next two foals are due within the next few weeks. Little Miss Heartbreaker (Missy), our wonderful children's pony is in foal to Kkoi and due any day now. Cappricio (Eve), a spectacular Oldenburg by Contucci out of a Riverman mare is also due within the next two weeks. Check back soon for the latest news on our foals and an update on Team Evergreen...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Two down, lots more to come...

We are very pleased to report another successful birth at Evergreen Farm. At just after 3am this morning, Baskin Sunrise (Alada Baskin x PW Ice Danzer), known affectionately as Patience, gave birth to a very healthy, and VERY leggy chestnut filly. Patience was at least a week overdue, and we were starting to feel like we were in the midst of a hostage crisis. Since the filly was so big, it was a bit of a difficult birth, but mom and daughter are recovering well.

Patience's filly is a stunning, refined purebred by our stallion KKoi (Fairview Klassique x Sequoia Bey) with four high white socks and a big blaze. We think she'll be a tall filly and she is already as tall as Nanni, who was born a whole ten days earlier. Nanni is doing well and enjoying the spring sunshine. She is already living up to her name with her wild shenanigans out in the field.

Two down...five more births to go!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let the birthing begin!

Evergreen Farm is pleased to announce the arrival of our first foal of 2007 - EF Epona's Shenanigans, a lovely Arabian-Warmblood cross by our purebred Arabian stallion KKoi. Nanni is a lovely bay filly with good substance from her American warmblood dam, and elegance from her Arabian sire. Lacey, Nanni's dam is a maiden mare and has been a fabulous mother.

With seven mares due to foal between now and July, we're very happy that this first birth went well. We're hoping all seven are as smooth, and are looking forward to our 2007 foal crop. Patience (Baskin Sunrise) is our next due to foal, any day now. After recovering from a life-threatening knee fracture, Patience has been a wonderful pregnant mare, and we anticipate that she'll be a terrific mom. She certianly wants to be - having tried to steal Nanni away from Lacey soon after she was born!

Be sure to check back here often for the most recent updates on Evergreen Farm's foals, mares, stallion and show team. 2007 promises to be the best year yet as we enjoy the horse...from the hoof up.