Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rain Again!

Region 15 horse show was an incredible success. Despite the rain. AGAIN. We are now 4 shows and 4 rains. This show was extra special as it was KKoi’s first Regional show doing Dressage. Or should I say qualifying and showing dressage. While he was well on his way in 2005, breaking his coffin bone sort of put a damper on things. So here we are 3.5 years later and we are setting the ring on fire. We came home with 3 Top Fives between the two horses. KKoi got a Top Five in SHIH stallions and Top Five in First Level Test 4. WOW! A performance Top Five. I have been waiting for this for a long time. The victory pass was so sweet. The ribbons and all the pomp and circumstance made me a bit weepy. As many of my show friends know this was a long time coming and it was truly a memorable occasion. He was not lame, he was not broken, he was perfect. It was a Kodak Moment for sure. Thank you Gary Hooghkirk and Rachel for sharing the ribbon photo with me!! And the biggest thanks to Sarah Duclos of New Freedom Riding Academy in New Freedom, PA for taking what I started in KKoi and making it all work right!

EF KKlassique Beauty++ also did me proud by earning a Top Five ribbon in SHIH Mares 2 and over. Unfortunately she had a rather large laceration in her mouth which caused us to scratch out of our performance classes, but that’s ok, her willingness to please still shone through! She is still an incredibly well put together mare and was duly rewarded for it! Next up is East Coast Championships and East Coast Youth Championships! With the way Rachel is cleaning up with Blossom she should do very well at East Coast. Meri is coming along as well. We shall see how the contingent does. We are all very excited!!

KKoi in New Jersey

Wow it was hard to see my boy being ridden by someone else!! Even though he and I both adore Sarah it was tough. He was not at all confused though. When I saw him in his stall for the first timer in 4 weeks at the New Jersey Horse Park he quietly nickered to me as if to say where have you been. When Sarah came over he looked at her a not wanting to be interrupted so she discretely stepped away so we could have our moment. Thank you Sarah!

All in all a great show was has, except for the cold rain. Again. KKoi rode in an open show and two Arab shows. He did very well all around. He got a 1st in Sport Horse Under Saddle, a 4th in First Level test 2 a 3rd in First Test 1, a 4th in First test 1 and a 2nd in First test 1. This was his first outing doing first Level. The extensions are coming along and this qualified him for Regional’s with Sarah in First Level as well as Nationals. I am very excited I hope I can keep it together enough to continue to WATCH someone else enjoy him. It’s almost as if he’s cheating!!