Sunday, April 22, 2007

At long last...introducing EF KKoi's Braveheart

The stork has finally arrived for Missy. At 4:41 am on April 19 Missy gave us a stunning colt. Ben, as we're calling him, is by far the most unusually colored foals we've had to date. We've known for a while that Kkoi carries the sabino gene, but this is definitely the most apparent its been in his foals. Ben is a bay, but in addition to the ordinary black mane hairs, his mane is also partly red. And his tail, rather than being solidly black, has white hairs on the sides and underside. Although many foals are born with light tails that change color over time, he actually has pink skin in these white areas, leading us to believe that he'll keep his unusual tail color into maturity. He also has three tall stockings that extend above his hocks and knees and several other white patches throughout his body.

As for his conformation (truly the most important thing!), we couldn't have hoped for better. Missy is a wonderful pony, but needed height and refinement - both of which we got in this little colt. He's huge, already 2/3 the height of his dam, and while he clearly has the look of mom, Kkoi added the much needed refinement. His personality is terrific, and he is already the darling of the farm.
Team Evergreen Update
In other news, Team Evergreen had their first outing of the season, heading to the BRAHA Spring Show in Bel Air, MD. The farm sent 8 horses and at least twice that in people to the show, and managed to come home with more than 50 ribbons. We'll update this blog as the full results come in, but for starters, here's the tally:
Rachel Dors with Apple Blossom
  • 1st Place, Halter Handling
  • 1st Place, Western Walk-Trot
  • 2nd Place, Western Jr. Rider
  • 3rd Place, Intermediate O/F
  • 3rd Place, Intermediate O/F
  • 4th Place, Partbred Sporthorse
  • 4th Place, Intermediate Walk-Trot

Taylor Torrance with Snickerdoodle

  • 4th Place, Beginner Hunter U/S
  • 4th Place, Walk/Trot Hunter Hack 12" fences
  • 5th Place, Open Walk/Trot Junior Rider
  • 1st Place, Open Walk Race

Debbie Torrance (in her first show in almost 30 years!) with Grace

  • 3rd Place, Walk/Trot Maiden Horse
  • 3rd Place, Walk/Trot Maiden Rider
  • 5th Place, Walk/Trot Green Horse and Rider
As I said, we'll post more results as they come in, but congrats to all the members of Team Evergreen on a great job. For many of the kids that went to the show, this was their first big show experience, and the team really banded together, pitched in, and showed some great sportsmanship and Evergreen spirit.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still waiting!

After the arrivals of Nani and Princess, we have had a long drought with no foals in sight. Our wonderful pony mare, Missy, grows bigger and more unhappy looking by the day. The poor mare is now more than a week overdue, and boy does she look it! She has definitely developed the "mare stare" that says "Please take this thing out of me!" All indications are that Missy will give birth sometime this week, so check back soon for an update.

Nani and Princess continue to grow and keep getting better looking by the day. Nani is very solidly built, displaying her QH and warmblood roots proudly, but she has the personality and curiosity of every Arabian foal born here at Evergreen. Never a shy one, she'll always be there at the gate, ready to play with any passerby. Princess is a bit more reserved, but friendly and curious once she gets to know you. She still has amazingly long legs and the finest head we've seen. Her big, lofty gaits are breathtaking to watch.

And finally, we'll soon have results from the first Team Evergreen event of the year. Pam, Debbie Torrance and Lori Santmeyer took a gaggle of girls and half the horses on the farm to the BRAHA Spring Show where early reports are that the group garnered over 50 ribbons in one day. Check back soon for the full details!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Photos of the new little ones!

I'm very pleased to be able to post photos of the newest little ones here at Evergreen Farm. Both newborns are doing well. It was a little too chilly to put the babies out to play today, so they amused themselves by frolicking around the foaling stalls.

Nani (EF Epona's Shenanigans) is a lovely bay filly with just a little snip on her nose. Lacey has been a great mom, and we are looking forward to breeding her again in the near future. She'll probably take a year off from motherhood, get going under saddle, and then be bred back to KKoi for a 2009 foal.

EF She's Alada Baskin Kkoi (Princess), Patience's lovely filly, is very flashy with four high whites and a big blaze and we expect her to be a star in the halter ring. Her type-y ears, tiny muzzle, and extraordinary long legs will really stand out.

Our next two foals are due within the next few weeks. Little Miss Heartbreaker (Missy), our wonderful children's pony is in foal to Kkoi and due any day now. Cappricio (Eve), a spectacular Oldenburg by Contucci out of a Riverman mare is also due within the next two weeks. Check back soon for the latest news on our foals and an update on Team Evergreen...