Monday, September 21, 2009

Sport Horse Nationals Here We Come!

So while we are away you can watch us ride! How exciting that that is an available option. Here is the link to Classic Video:

You have to register and then there is live streaming. Here are a list of dressage times and classes you may see us in:

Ring 3 4th Level
11:08 172 Sarah Duclos (KKoi's Pro Rider) riding her horse Count Down

Ring 1 3rd Level
4:13 172 Sarah Duclos on Count Down

Ring 3 Training Level
2:30 170 Sarah Duclos on KKoi

Ring 1 Training Level AAOTR
9:26 170 Pam Dors on KKoi

Ring 2 Training Level HA/AA Junior Horse
11:14 171 Pam Dors on EF LLameri

Ring 3 First Level
12:22 170 Sarah Duclos on KKoi

Covered Arena 1
Class 480 HA/AA SHIH ATH 171 Pam Dors on EF LLameri

Class 780 HA/AA SHUS Jr Horse 171 Pam Dors with EF LLameri


Annex Arena
Class 1074 HA/AA SHIH Jackpot 2 yo Fillies Christine Reed with 172 EF Epona's Shenanigans

So we will hopefully be smiling at the camera due to the overwhelming joy we will be feeling with our accomplishments. See you on the other side!