Monday, October 22, 2007

Visitors to the Farm

Occasionally we get calls from people interested in "seeing" the Arabian breed up close and personal. We are members of the Mentor program and the Discovery Farm program through the Arabian Horse Association. A few days ago a woman who had never owned a horse but has taken lessons off and on for 20 years had started thinking about purchasing her own horse. She was intrigued by Arabians as they were so beautiful and so personable, so she heard. She has also heard that they were hot and difficult to manage and train. She called, almost apologetically, asking if she could come out and "meet" our horses.
After a several hour drive from parts unknown, Rhonda arrived at the farm. She was so excited to meet the horses and just watch me work and be around them. It was feeding time, so it was a bit chaotic at the gate! I told her that after the dust settled we would go in and play with the horses and get to know them a bit. I told her it was going to be up to her to tell me who is the Arab and who isn't! She was very excited and up to the challenge. We went through horse by horse and in true form my Arabs were having an "in your tent" day. Beauty was first up and last at the gate and as usual a constant! She followed us everywhere and helped to introduce Rhonda to everyone and decide who Rhonda was allowed to pet and who she wasn't. It was actually quite comical.
Rhonda asked about the foals and the stallion. She had seen the website and wanted to see KKoi. She said it like he was a movie star and untouchable. Well, that is what she had expected, for him to be untouchable. He is turned out with 6 babies and his “wife” Patience. Once again, in true Arabian form we were very shortly surrounded by foals of all colors and sizes. Rhonda commented that while her knowledge of foals was somewhat limited, she never dreamed she would have all of them vying for her affections and that each and every one of them would have such a distinct personality. KKoi, of course was like one of the foals, asking to be petted here and scratched there. After an hour or so of loving on each and every one of the foals and scratching every itch KKoi may have the sun was going down and it was time for Rhonda to end her visit to our farm and begin her long journey home.

I believe that for Rhonda, like so many others we have seen here “meeting” our horses, they leave with a whole different appreciation of horses in general and Arabians specifically. Below is her note that she sent to thank us for her visit. I touched me and I asked if I could share it so here it is:


Thank you so much for your time and advise about Arabians. You truly have an excellent insight into the breed and the important aspects of their character that should be passed on. I am thoroughly impressed with both you and your horses. They are intelligent, friendly, kind-hearted, and beautiful. You are definitely doing the Arabian breed a singular service by passing on KKoi's progeny with such remarkable traits. I do hope that I'll get a chance to come up again and help out around the farm. You run an outstanding operation. I know you will continue to turn the horse world on their heads.
Kudos' Pam,