Saturday, August 4, 2007

Last one born

We're very pleased to announce the arrival of Zaheera's baby and our final foal of 2007. After waiting and delaying their departure for the East Coast Championship show for as long as possible, Pam and Debbie finally left on Wednesday morning, without seeing Zaheera foal out. So off they went to the show, the kids went off to play with their own horses, and our dedicated barn mom, Lori, took off to pick up one of her summer charges at camp.

She was quite surprised to get a call from her daughter Megan shortly after she left the farm, announcing that Zaheera had decided to foal, outside, in the middle of the paddock. Lori raced back to the farm as fast as she could, but not before Megan and the other girls helped Zaheera give birth to a tiny, purebred Kkoi baby. Fawn, as I think we're calling her for the moment, is doing just fine, despite her tiny size and should be able to go back out with the rest of the babies soon.

Weaning has already begun, with Harmony, Ben, and Nani being weaned last week. Fortunately, the babies took to it well, and are now living with their Dad, Kkoi, as a babysitter. The mares didn't like weaning so much though, and both Missy and Lacey spent several days worrying over the welfare of their kids.

And finally, East Coast Championships is off to a great start. Pam and EF Kklassique Beauty is now the East Coast Top 5 Junior Sort Horse Under Saddle. Big congrats to Pam and Beauty!