Thursday, March 29, 2007

Two down, lots more to come...

We are very pleased to report another successful birth at Evergreen Farm. At just after 3am this morning, Baskin Sunrise (Alada Baskin x PW Ice Danzer), known affectionately as Patience, gave birth to a very healthy, and VERY leggy chestnut filly. Patience was at least a week overdue, and we were starting to feel like we were in the midst of a hostage crisis. Since the filly was so big, it was a bit of a difficult birth, but mom and daughter are recovering well.

Patience's filly is a stunning, refined purebred by our stallion KKoi (Fairview Klassique x Sequoia Bey) with four high white socks and a big blaze. We think she'll be a tall filly and she is already as tall as Nanni, who was born a whole ten days earlier. Nanni is doing well and enjoying the spring sunshine. She is already living up to her name with her wild shenanigans out in the field.

Two down...five more births to go!