Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sport Horse Nationals

Finally got the videos up from the show. Story and pictures to come!! Sarah tried to get KKoi through his "MOMENT" They were frying hamburgers right NEXT to the dressage arena and with all the smoke and sizzle KKoi was sure it was "horse burgers"! Something new to put in his field a hibachi running with burgers on fire for him. I'm still riding as a hunter, will I ever get over it? My turn and trying to get him over the Burger Boogies!! No, he did much better but he was still a bit inattentive. After 3 yers off I guess I was figuring he'd fall right back into show mode. I guess he will need more time on the road for his nerves to settle. My little Meri. Wow, what a wonderful filly. With only 6 or 7 months under saddle can you imagine in a few years from now? SHe had a slip up at her canter transition, but hey she was the youngest in the class and this was al very stressful for her. We didn't want to school the spunk 100% out of her cause she can get flat, and we didn't want to tire her out, it was a long trip. All in all, a Kodak Moment! Meri's SHUS Jr Horse. Once again the youngest horse in the class. I really wasn't sure they called my number. I had to look at the bridle tag. What a shocker!! I really balled after this one! The finals for SHUS with Meri. I didn't make the top ten, and some said I was robbed, but nonetheless, she was fantastic. I cannot wait to show this filly more next year and in the years to come. Thirteenth, come on that's been my lucky number all of my life! Meri was ok, but a little freaked out about the stuff on the mezzanine level. She got over it but didn't show to her true potential. No biggie we know she's a star. Nani, Meris younger sister. She wouldn't even get off the trailer when we got there. Now she was 5 days into the show and was not showing off at all. She was so tentative and scared. But overall she behaved. She too, went thirteenth!