Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching Up

I am again running a bit behind on my posts. However as I sit here on Long Island on my holiday I am trying to catch up. Therefore, here is the first installment...

Achievement Award Ceremony a “Kodak Moment”

Pictures will be forth coming but for now I can give you the highlights and the speech as it was read to the wonderful mass of friends that showed up to offer their support. We had several come to us after the presentation to give us their take on it. “Goosebumps”, “The Best Presentation I Have Ever Attended”. After the ceremony, most followed us back to the stalls to share in the festivities. We had the cake decorated by artist, rider and show friend, Andrea Thornton who rode all the way down from PA to MD to meet up with Debra Peebles and Debbie Lomb who picked up Cathy Stark in VA. These ladies, the four of them, came all the way to Lexington, from points north just to show the support and love they have for Beauty and I. What a generous, loving group of friends I have. I cannot thank them enough for making the trip.

My entire family, including my parents was all on hand to share in my first and hopefully not last Achievement Award Ceremony. Here is the speech that I took months to create:

This dream started way back when, like it does for most little girls. I sat and watched the movie “The Black Stallion” and was mesmerized. For those of you who remember there was that little statue of Bucephalus. The Magic horse of Alexander The Great. The story of how Bucephalus was so crazy that King Philip couldn’t ride him, so he ordered the stallion to be killed. King Philip told Alexander the Great, who was just a boy at the time; if you can ride him, you can have him. Alexander rode Bucephalus, the two flew out of the arena over the crowd, and as they say, the rest is history. Five years later my QH mare had a foal that was a “black”. She wasn’t a stallion or an Arabian, but I named her Bucephalus anyway. The story of Bucephalus plagued my mind for many years after the movie came out. After graduating college, with a degree in Equine Science, I had the opportunity manage an Arabian breeding farm in White, Georgia. I met and worked for Cynthia Culbertson of El Miladi Arabian Stud. It was there that I fell in love personal level with Arabians. She owned a *Morafic son, Zedann, who was as completely captivating as he was mischievous. I was hooked for life. He still plagues my mind as I search for a daughter of his to incorporate into my breeding program.

Life marched on and I moved to VA, got married, and had a family. Arabians remained in the back of my mind even though I still had Bucephalus, my “black”. But that dream had to wait. We had to have a farm, my kids had to be a little older and things had to be just right. We finally purchased a small farm and the dream moved from a smoldering ember to a roaring fire. I was ready. We were ready.

After a series of unfortunate events, I met Quentin Naylor *Fairview Klassique’s owner. She gave me the opportunity of a lifetime; to start my own breeding program with a quality young stallion. With that, KKoi came into my life. With KKoi came lots and lots of new friends. He was such a fine young stallion that he brought attention to us wherever we went. We purchased a mare we thought would be good for him. She was mostly Polish and gorgeous in the face. The following year an absolutely stunning filly was born, (ENTER BEAUTY) EF KKlassique Beauty++.

This filly is the epitome of what an Arabian is supposed to be. “In your tent” personality—how about in your pocket? Big dark eyes on a wide set forehead—this filly has won many most classic head classes. A willingness to be a partner—how about being in the upper echelon of Arabian history in being one of the youngest horses to earn her Legion of Honor and Legion of Merit at the same time as reaching her 5th birthday. This feat Beauty has done with class, style and grace. She earned the final points she needed at the 2008 East Coast Championship show. In the past 4 years that she has been showing, Beauty has only shown 14 times. In 2005, she only showed once, where she was crowned with a top ten in the Sport Horse Two-year-old Fillies In Hand Jackpot class at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. So in the remaining 3 years she only showed an average of 4 shows per year. At each of those shows she averaged only TWO classes per show. TWO classes per show. The average age of a Legion of Merit earner is 8.5 years. Beauty accomplished hers in ½ that time. This filly has a work ethic like no other. This filly has the determination to win as much as I do. This filly is what Arabian ownership is all about.

Our farm, Evergreen Farm, is a very small breeding farm. With an average of 2 or 3 foals born every other year we focus on quality not quantity. We do all our own breeding selection. We do all our own foaling and foal training. We start our own youngsters under saddle and we train and show our own horses. We do all of it. Beauty is a fine example of how with the right horses you can do anything you set your mind to. Beauty’s brothers and sisters carry the same willingness that she does. (ENTER MERI) EF LLameri is a fine example of how true Arabian Breeding can compliment another breed. This filly is just 3 this year and is the daughter of my “black”. She is out of my “Bucephalus”. Her dam’s dam was the fire that ignited my passion for horses.

The cornerstone of this breeding program is our stallion. The absolute love of my life, KKoi. (ENTER KKOI) KKoi has had a rough spot in life. On December 27 of 2005, while playing in his field with a gelding, KKoi fractured his coffin bone in two places. The diagnosis was not good. His pain was pretty substantial and it was suggested that we consider putting him down. After we managed the pain, his team of vets was not sure if he’d ever be sound again. When he was sound, ride ability was the question. Well as you can plainly see, he has made a full recovery. From the literal brink of death, this stallion has made a comeback. After three and a half years recovering from such a painful fracture, he is back in training, back in the ring, and headed to Lexington, KY for Sport Horse Nationals 2009. Once again this epitomizes the strength and heart of the Arabian breed.

This year we have placed KKoi in training with the wonderful Sarah Duclos of New Freedom Riding Academy in New Freedom, PA. As all of you know Arabians are truly the smartest breed and he has picked up the Dressage training so fast he has very quickly out paced me. So it was decided that he go to “Boarding School” to receive a higher education. Sarah says if he is in college, than “he is on the Dean’s List”. “He is bright, willing and so easy to get along with.” These are the characteristics that he passes on to his get. This is why Beauty is who she is.

Beauty is a “first” horse for me. She was the first get of KKoi’s get born. She is the first to have numerous class A wins, the first to win a Regional Top 3,and the first to have won a Regional Reserve Champion. She is the first of KKoi’s get to go Top Ten at Sport Horse Nationals. Two more have followed in her hoof prints. Beauty’s show record is pretty impressive considering her humble beginnings.

As a 6 year old with minimal showing this filly has countless class A wins, 11 regional titles and 1 national title. Not bad for a family run, (ENTER FAMILY) on a shoestring budget, breeding, training and showing and sales facility. Not bad at all.

We would like, at this time, to present EF KKlassique Beauty++ with her Legion of Honor and Legion of Merit.

We would also like to thank our biggest supporters who have been there from our very first walk into the show ring with our Arabians. Without whom we could never have accomplished this goal…our friends. (Enter FRIENDS)

We would like at this time to invite all of you back to our stalls for a small celebration in Beauty’s honor. We also invite you to come and get to know Beauty and her siblings; you never know she or one of them might be your next partner.