Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sun and Fun at BRAHA

Next up we took our usual gaggle of kids to the BRAHA spring show on April 12th. What an absolutely fabulous day we had. We arrived at the facility in great time with limited traffic. Now that’s an accomplishment considering the distance we had to go! When we arrived the weather was perfect and the kids were geared up to get things going! It is so amazing when we stand back and see how much they have matured over the past year. They were all hands on with no trouble with each other and they were never told more than once that something had to be done. It was a sheer pleasure to be with these kids this year. We brought Rachel Dors and Ian Dors with their pony EF Senor Rojos (Charlie), Megan Santmyer with EC Wayne, and Nikki Zuleger and her horse, Bucephalus (Cephie). Jacob Tumblin rode with his dad and us and step-mom and Rachel and Ian’s dad and brother rode up the next morning with Jacob’s pony River. In another trailer was Christine Reed with her two mounts Sierra and Chessie (very ambitious girl!). So we had quite a crew of kids. They came home with lots of ribbons and lots of fond memories. I am so very proud of how they all helped each other out and how despite some rough spots in the day, they all rode their hearts out!

On a side note to the BRAHA show, our kids decided they wanted to start their own 4-H club. They call themselves the Rebel Riders. Rebel generally has a negative connotation, but the motto they came up with says it all “We have the right not to belong”. Anyhow, thanks to BRAHA for allowing the kids to set up a bake sale at the show. Based on donations only and the honor system the kids raised over $100 for future endeavors. Kudos to them for trying so hard “not to belong”!